Every Soul is like a Circus from the forthcoming 2018 Buxton Fringe Show :
Frank Sinistra Sex & Drugs &PR

Frank Sinistra ; Sex & Drugs & PR

Frank is a former News of the World Journalist is now singing in a bar whilst conducting his PR business. 

As well as singing songs he reveals inside stories about several celebrities, explains how the media works and tries to track down his girlfriend who is out on the town with her hairdresser called Trevor Paul, but it's OK Trevor's gay apparently (although we're not sure about Paul)... what could possibly go wrong?

Music, Comedy, Political and Social comment

Buxton Hydro Bar 7th July, 20th & 21st July 8pm.

£8 entrance... includes a free CD of all the songs.

 News of the World

You'll find out how you come to eat Bacon and Egg... who are the stupid majority, what Frank said to Harvey Weinstein, but Harvey igmored him, how much Boris Becker owes him and what a certain well know gentleman was doing in a faux silk gown with his Vietnamese friend called Nguy!

Book now by clicking on the link below the video

 to be taken to the Buxton Opera House's booking site....and look for Frank Sinistra Sex Drugs & PR! on either the 7th, 20th or 21st July. Admission is £8 and includes a free show song CD.

 Creative Arts Winner - Stroke Association 2014
Extraordinary People Ordinary Lives -  Best small group/ensemble Winner  -  Buxton Fringe  2016
Mr Different -  Best small group/ensemble Nomination - Buxton Fringe 2017
Frank Sinistra - Premiere 7th July 2018 Hydro Cafe Bar Buxton
Currently appearing at Open Mics around the UK in support of his ridiculous ambitions...

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